The unit owners of The Avenue Residences have more reasons to be happy now that the

Clubhouse is complete and is ready for use.The Clubhouse sits at the heart of a thriving

community where the residents can enjoy leisure moments with just a few steps away from

their doorstep. The Clubhouse is a 3-storey recreational complex that is filled with amenities

offering well-rounded lifestyle designed for the whole family.



The lounge and the reception area welcome anyone with its lively design that exudes a vibrant

feeling to anyone who enters the lobby. Residents can relax and just take it easy while reading

their favorite book and at the same time enjoying the view of the pools and the lush greeneries

that border the whole Clubhouse.The swimming pool is majestically big, hence, families can enjoy

truly enjoyable moment whether for morning strokes or just for keeping those muscles toned.


At night, the Clubhouse features spectacular display of lights from the façade to the front landscape.

A great way for the family to spend a quiet time with their loved ones and just enjoy the blissful mood

of the evening. The serenity of the pool is even inviting -- the residents can cap their evening with a

swift lap or two. There is a gazebo right beside the pool, just a great spot for the family to enjoy an outdoor dinner.


What else to do in the clubhouse? Families can enjoy a day's recap with a showdown of singing

talents in the airconditioned KTV rooms and get that 100 score effortlessly! There are two KTV

rooms that can accommodate 8 up to 10 persons and the rooms boast of state-of-the-art equipment.

Anyone can enjoy the wide array of song selections and can belt like there's no more tomorrow

because the rooms are designed fully sound-proof without fear of tearing the silence of the night.



The Fitness Area, currently under completion but already installed with high caliber,

commercial-grade equipment, will soon be operational.

For now, welcome to The Clubhouse of The Avenue Residences.

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